Event Services Testimonials

"Showcore did an amazing job with the audio and video stream quality. In fact, our Senior Vice President said that it was the best quality she has seen in all of the town hall shows we have done. And that would be about three years total that we've been doing them. It's appreciated!"

Communications Specialist
Fortune 50 Corporation

"Showcore has an incredible team of professionals who know how to get the job done right. I’m always confident going into our big productions because I know I’ve hired the best people and best equipment for staging, lighting, video, and sound.”

Group Program Manager, Meetings, Events, Tradeshows
High Tech Manufacturer

"Your flawless execution of our productions makes my budgeting process a piece of cake - there's never a question on the "Showcore" line item - the executives know what it's for and know it's worth every penny. As Mastercard would say...Showcore...PRICELESS."

Director - North American Operations
National Accounting Firm

“I want to let you know how pleased we were in working with you and your team in New Orleans last weekend. In fact many of us regularly commented on how easy it was to work with you and your team to ensure our audio and video presentations were of the highest caliber possible. We especially appreciated your outstanding customer service in addressing our requests, at times, on short notice. BRAVO!”

Higher Education Institution

“The three day show you helped produce was exciting and engaging. We specially appreciate how flexible you and your team were as we needed to make adjustments, both before the event and during the conference.”

Event Director
Accounting Firm

“I wish to express my sincere and heartfelt “thanks” to you and all of the staff of Showcore, who I know work behind the scenes to support the technical staff on site. You have a very special staff of talented folks that represent your company. I’m honored to have the opportunity to work with all of them.”

Meeting Planner
Financial Services

“…the production teams have been spectacular, creating the mood/vibe necessary to ensure a successful evening. The lighting was perfect!”

Meeting Planner
Law Firm

“I want to send a great, big, “thank you”, to you and the staff that had a hand in our success. I know the “magic” that occurs on site only happens through the talent, expertise, and hard work gifted to us by the amazing professionals of Showcore.”

Event Planner
Financial Services

“Thanks to you and your crew for an excellent job once again. I so enjoy working with the Showcore staff on this event. I know I am in good hands with a competent and professional team behind me.”

Event Planner
Industry Association

“You should be proud of your amazing work. The event truly was freakin’ fabulous! I feel honored to work with such talented individuals who care about all of the events we produce.”

Event Producer

“Thank you to you and your staff for all of your time and effort in making this year’s festival a success. I received so many compliments about the sound quality and overall atmosphere on stage. The professionalism and dedication of Showcore was clearly visible to everyone that attended the event.”

Production Manager
Festival Organizer

“From preparation meetings to execution, your team delivered under your leadership. I appreciated everyone’s can-do attitude and the professional execution. The show was flawless.”

Investor Meeting Planner
Consumer Packaged Goods

“The event was a ridiculous success, in great part because of the wonderful work executed by Showcore. You guys ROCK! Can’t wait to work with you guys again.”

Event Planner

“The energy and excitement we generated that day was due largely to your team’s help with all of the production needs of the event. As always your team was a great partner.”


“Thanks so much for helping us look out for our bottom line. Overall, I think this approach made a nice difference to our bottom line, and it is being duly noted that you made this additional effort on our behalf. Because of this, we came in right at budget.”

Meeting Planner
Industry Trade Association

“We do believe that we get excellent value for our money by utilizing the services of Showcore…you’re always on top of everything, and I know we threw you some curves this year. As always, you rose above them with a smile and a great response.”

Meeting Planner
Industry Trade Association

“I just wanted to let you know this was another extremely successful event partnering with Showcore. The equipment all ran flawlessly and the onsite staff was tremendous. It was a pleasure to work with all of them.”

Event Producer