Case Studies on Event Design Solutions

Modular Design & Staging Case Study
Customer: Medical Products Manufacturer
Purpose: National New Product Sales Launch

Project Outline

Showcore spearheaded a corporate event design and production for 275 attendees for a new product kick-off for a national sales staff. Tasked with a limited event budget, and a growing list of event duties, we worked with our customer to develop a compelling event environment that would provide great visual appeal and deliver on their expectations.


Event Services Case Study
Customer: High Tech Manufacturer
Purpose: International Sales Meeting

Project Outline

A customer planned a very important three day event for 360 attendees at a historic hotel in southern California. Showcore was tasked with providing an event environment that would engage and captivate attendees from around the world.



Utilize our proprietary technology design methods to engage your audience’s senses. We know how to address the limited attention spans of today’s busy audiences using 360 degree captivation. It's time to engage and captivate!
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Hearing Attendee
Quotes Like This?

"I can't wait for my flight"
"This is a waste of time"
"I'm not making money sitting here"

Our Event Consulting Services make remarks like these a thing of the past!
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Integrated Event Design Process

Without an integrated event production process, your event planning could be at risk. Our proven methodology has been borne over 20 years, and has helped countless events become risk-free initiatives.
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See how we are always up to the task at exceeding our customers’ expectations through superior event design. Our unmatched capabilities has enabled us to solve some of the hardest event design challenges - either in the U.S. or abroad.
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June 12, 2013